Altrincham Clinic

For 2 years we’ve asked ‘Where and when do you want us?’ but now we’re too busy not to centralise some clinics!

We have a consulting room at TBT Fitness with full use of facilities offering the perfect combination of private consultation space, full gym access and multi-disciplinary working to truly challenge even the most mysterious of injuries.

If you’re referred by one of our affiliated trainers, you benefit from £10 off every assessment and treatment.

Feel free to drop in to see us or call if you’re unsure whether we’re right for you, or you’re right for us!

Assessment: £65 (Up to 60 Mins). Follow-ups: £40 (Up to 30 Mins).

“I was worried that I’d have to stop training but the way you and my PT make adjustments is amazing”

“As a trainer it’s so relieving to have a team who want to help not hinder me and my clients training”

“It’s perfect to have all the equipment & space to get assessed thoroughly, rather than the usual basics!”

Mon: 1pm-6pm. Tues: 6pm-10pm. Thurs: 6pm-10pm. Fri: 1pm-6pm

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