Session 23 – ‘When Jack & Rob Met Sallie’ (Part 1) – Ankle Sprains, Research Methodology & EBM with Prof Sallie Lamb

Nov 01, 2015
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Session 23 – ‘When Jack & Rob Met Sallie’ (Part 1) – Ankle Sprains, Research Methodology & EBM with Prof Sallie Lamb

Rob Tyer is back to carry Jack through session 23 with Professor Sallie Lamb and the AOCP! Thanks to the hard work of the AOCP committee, namely Ash Shattock, Anthony Gilbert and David Keene; the TPM Podcast team had an audience with one of the worlds leading clinical trialists who has achieved notoriety in a historically medic-led field, despite being a Physiotherapist. Jack and Rob discuss Sallie’s take on evidence based practice, research methodology and in part one of the interview, her work into management of acute, severe ankle sprains. Stay tuned for next month’s part 2 in which conversation flows towards the controversial topic of Whiplash and the famous MINT trial!
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Podcast Timeline:

0:00 – 5:50 – Jack and Rob introduce Session 23, explain why it is different from previous episodes and why there are no sound effects

5:51 – 8:05 – David Keane explores the agenda of the AOCP committee

8:06 – 12:10 – Professor Sallie Lamb: a physiotherapist, clinical trialist, statistician

12:10 – 14:10 – Is the patient centred in Evidence Based Practice?

  • “Maximising outcome, minimising impact on the public purse”

14:10 – 22:00 – Implementing research in to clinical practice

  • Access to research for clinicians
  • How do Sallie’s multi-centre trials address these challenges?

22:01 – 27:08 – Why it takes so long for the research to disseminate in to clinical practice

27:09 – 33:35 – Hierarchical traditions of practice in orthopaedic medicine; does it happen in research to?

  • What do physio’s bring to the table

33:35 – 51:49 – Weight bearing status following trauma – what needs to be updated/challenged?

  • The collaborative ankle support trial
  • Are there consequences of 10/7 casting post-ankle sprain?
  • What are the issues with the term ‘severe’?

51:50 – 55:00 – In summary: regression to the mean at 9/12, but speedier recovery with a POP

55:01 – 55:00 – Jack leaves it on a cliff hanger: Post-op protocols, procedures and policies are commonplace, but lack individualisation. How does research ensure the translation from evidence to clinical practice?

55:40 – Jack and Rob conclude part 1


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