Session 24 – Lashing into Whiplash (Part 2) with Prof Sallie Lamb

Dec 06, 2015
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Session 24 – Lashing into Whiplash (Part 2) – Protocols, whiplash trials and professional regulation with Prof Sallie Lamb

Rob and Jack hit the ground running in session 24 which is the second part to our interview with Professor Sallie Lamb and the AOCP! Thanks to the hard work of the AOCP committee, namely Ash Shattock, Anthony Gilbert and David Keene; the TPM Podcast team had an audience with one of the worlds leading clinical trialists who has achieved notoriety in a historically medic-led field, despite being a Physiotherapist. In part 2; ‘Lashing into Whiplash’ Jack and Rob discuss Sallie’s take on protocols, whiplash research and professional regulation.
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Podcast Timeline:

0:00 – 1:10

– Jack introduces Session 24

1:10 – 07:49

– The links and similarities to medical/drug trials

– A need for clinical reasoning and the importance of keeping up-to-date

07:50 – 10:14

– Jack counters: Can protocols result in a lack of autonomy and accountability?

10:15 – 14:10

-Exercise physiology; does response and perceived exertion. Is compliance more important?

14:11 – 20:04

– The need for knowledge and skill set of a therapist. Can research prove our worth?


20:05 – 25:00

-THR protocols: are the assumptions founded in evidence?

-Logical models and why they aren’t challenged


25:01 – 28:19

-Rob suggests physio’s are precious about our role


28:20 – 33:29

-The MINT Trial; first the Sarah Trial and now Lamb and Mint. Does Sally have an ego problem?!

-Pain, function and cost effectiveness of a single advice session and usual care

-Acute management of whiplash injuries


33:30 – 35:09

-What formed the chosen intervention arms for the MINT trial?

-“A good package of physiotherapy”


38:04 – 44:59

-How can the outcomes be interpreted?

-Should the commissioning strategies change?


45:00 – 47:50

-Do robust trials provide decisive statements for care?

-The need to eradicate low quality evidence


47:51 – 55:25

-Gold standard RCT’s; What would Roger say? (See Session 22)



55:26 – 1:01:29

– Is there a lack of regulation within Physiotherapy?

– “Think not just as a physiotherapist, but also as a taxpayer”



-Jack and Rob sum things up


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