Webinar 1 – Rheumatology Masqueraders in Sport with Jack March

Feb 10, 2017
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The Physio Matters Podcast is a feature of Chews Health’s third core value ‘We Educate’.

Episodes will feature expert, honest advice, delivered directly to listeners at no cost.

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Following 38 podcasts, 12 special editions, 4 covered conferences and a whole host of social media visual delights, we’ve decided to start bringing you webinars of the team’s presentations!

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Webinar 1 – Rheumatology Masqueraders in Sport with Jack March
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Chews Health is delighted to offer our first webinar! While we offer over 40 hours of CPD material via The Physio Matters Podcast we are always looking at innovative new ways to bring you, the clinicians, the highest quality CPD. We hope that you find it a useful addition to your CPD portfolio.

Jack March is the Rheumatology Clinical Lead for Chews Health, in this webinar he shares his knowledge then gets put under TPMP style scrutiny to hopefully enable listeners to avoid dreaded delays to diagnosis. In Part 1 Jack covers the subjective and objective clues that might indicate a Rheumatology condition needs to be included in the differential diagnosis. Covering Spondyloarthropathy, Tendinopathy and Peripheral Arthropathy this will grant a greater awareness of these conditions and how to sort them out from the run of the mill sports injuries.

Part 2 is a grilling from Jack Chew where he tries his best to scrutinise Part 1 in a mini podcast to illicit some further information. The two Jacks cover topics from over-vigilance, exercise prescription and return to play related to Rheumatology conditions. Run time 1hour 7 minutes.

This webinar purchase is for individual use only, while you are free to watch it multiple times please do not share the link with other users. If you wish to purchase the webinar for business use and multiple clinicians please contact Jack March directly by email via physiojack @hotmail.co.uk

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Like every single piece of content we create, this webinar is available for free to TPMP Patrons!
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Jack March’s last TPMP interview on Spondyloarthropathy is available for free here and on all podcast apps: