One Saturday and one wrong movement and I had a wry neck. Being a physiotherapist myself, I thought that I would be able to get it under control myself with pain killers and anti-spasm medication. However, instead of decreasing pain and mobility, my neck stiffened up within one day entirely. I was unable to move and was unable to get my head into a neutral position anymore. It was a bank holiday weekend and I was really helpless.

Based on a recommendation, I contacted Chews Health and got an appointment directly on the bank holiday Monday. My husband drove me from Liverpool to Manchester and on my way I was in agony with every little movement of the car and I started thinking that physiotherapy might just cause me more pain. However, Mark immediately understood my problems and applied gentle but massively effective techniques. Within 45 minutes treatment I regained almost my entire range of rotation, which really impressed me.

I left Chews health and thought that it would probably stiffen up again (at least a little bit). But the opposite happened and this treatment did the trick. Already on the way back in the car the pain was much less and I felt as if a neck collar had been taken off me.

After that treatment I was able to maintain the range in an almost a pain-free way. With the exercises I had discussed with Mark, I regained my entire range of movement back within one week. I cannot thank Mark and Chews Health enough for their help and their amazing treatment!

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