I bit the bullet and booked an appointment with Chews after the pain in my shoulder had got so bad it was keeping me up at night. I was convinced no one could help and I was wrong.
I had been suffering with a sore shoulder for approximately 2 years, and in recent times since joining a gym it had got significantly worse. I’d had 20+ weeks of physio on it about 24 months earlier, and it was still not in a good place.
Mark was great, he quickly diagnosed hyper-mobility in my shoulder, which had never been spoken about before and started me on a set of strengthening exercises. Over the course of 3-4 sessions (6-9 weeks) I did everything Mark told me and the pain went! We worked both in the Chews gym to get my techniques right and then I had strengthening techniques to do in the gym I attend. Now I have the right diagnosis for my shoulder, I understand how to work it, strengthen it and support it thanks to Mark. I’m kicking myself for living with the pain for so long, getting the right support fixed it in no time at all! I love lifting and so thankful that I sought the advice and didn’t do any further damage! Thank you!

Having attended Chews myself for my own injury, when my son (9) broke his wrist I called Mark for advice. After he had the cast off, we went straight to Chews. Mark not only helped verify his wrist was mending correctly, he gave him strengthening techniques and more importantly the confidence to use it again. Over 2 sessions (6 weeks) Mark engaged brilliantly with my son (and put up with my daughter tagging along), brought him out of his shell and built his confidence and strength back up so he’s now back playing football without worrying about his wrist. Yet again, Chews have been really supportive, thanks.

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