I had been having ongoing issues with my lower calf for around 6 months. I had been to see a different Physio but never felt like it was quite right, even after numerous trips.

From my initial contact, it has been a great experience with Chews Health. It is a nice practice and Mark was really thorough at each of my appointments. He spent a long time understanding the symptoms and assessing the actual issue.  I was worried it could have been my running gait, amongst other things.  After both of my treatments I was a lot more confident that it would be sorted.

My initial experience with another Physio wasn’t great, and I felt as though they were just going through the motions so to speak. With Chews Health I felt as though the time was taken to understand my symptoms in detail and they sent me away to work on my issue, rather than rush me back to see them for another appointment.

I only visited the practice twice but am now running 20-25 miles a week again and looking forward to next hockey season injury free. 

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