I injured my lower back in the gym in September last year and knew I needed to see a physio straight away. I could hardly bend over or sit down. I didn’t know about Chews Health and work sorted me out with another physio. After 3 months of conservative treatment, I felt that I wasn’t improving as much as I would like and was getting advice to stay out the gym for the foreseeable future. Not what I had wanted to hear.

Someone recommended that I come to see Jack for a second opinion which is exactly what I did. Jack helped me to understand how I could work out within a slightly restricted range of movement and with some adaptations. It meant I was back in the gym again and building up to a full range of movement within less than a handful of physio sessions. I wish I had seen Jack from the start!

I couldn’t believe how different physios had given me such different outlooks and won’t be going anywhere else now. In fact, I tweaked my back again in September this year and went back to Jack immediately to get assessed. Chews Health has a fantastic set up with great gym equipment and a wonderful team. I highly recommend them to everyone. I can’t thank them enough.

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