A friend recommended I go to see Chews Health. At the time I was really struggling with pain in my left shoulder, every time I did an upper body workout in the gym my shoulder would be sore for a week or so and while it was sore I couldn’t train and I couldn’t help out at work. This kept happening for months until I eventually stopped training and avoided lifting things at work.

I came to see Mark, he did an assessment, and he reassured me that there was nothing major going wrong with the shoulder but I did need to retrain some of the strength and stability in the shoulder. I did my first training session for some time right then in Chews Health’s gym and I couldn’t believe that my shoulder handled it fine.

Mark then talked me through a gym programme that I could begin right away so that I could start training again without causing the shoulder pain. It also had my ‘rehabilitation’ exercises included in the programme so I was back in the gym three times a week and the shoulder just gradually began to feel ‘normal’ again. I saw Mark three times in total over a three-month period and each time he would reassess the shoulder and talk me through the next phase of my rehabilitation. We then stayed in touch over email as I was travelling a lot. After a bit of hard work, my shoulder feels completely back to normal! I’m so grateful to Chews Health

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