We are happy to treat patients of all ages. Recently Jack worked with Toby to get him back to full fitness.

Here’s what Toby’s mum had to say:

“Jack was brilliant with my shy 13 year old son gaining a great rapport very quickly with him. He adapted what he did once he understood what my son needed. He loved his sessions with Jack and Jack was honest about the number of sessions required and what reasonable targets were.
Knee? Sorted!!!!! Thanks Chews!”

Jack’s reply….

“It was a pleasure to work with Toby who needed to build strength, power and confidence in his knees after a few episodes of knee pain and instability during sport. He worked hard in the gym and at home to fully rehabilitate himself and he has then improved his performance in his chosen sports! In cases like this, variety is key. It makes the rehab interesting and applicable to sporting function but perhaps most importantly, IT WORKS!”

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