Who do we treat?

Children and teenagers over the age of 5 to include sports injuries, hypermobility syndrome, fractures, growth-related conditions, back pain, scoliosis and general muscle and joint pains. This clinic follows the Chews health mantra of enabling a full recovery whether that's playing school netball, football or a return to competition.

Myth busters and did you know…

• There is no link between weight training and reduced skeletal development in children.
• The World Health Organisation recommends strengthening muscles and bones at least three times a week for children between the ages of 5-17. A tailored strength programme for your child may be beneficial to reduce symptoms, improve performance and improve bone mineral density.
• What weights you lift is based on technical ability not age.
• Growing pains generally don’t last more than two consecutive nights and, if they do, this could be could be a symptom of something else.
• We realise that children are not little adults and therefore have a different needs that require different physiotherapy skills to assess and treat.

Know your activity, sport and body

• The skeleton of a newborn contains 350 bones, however many of these fuse together as we grow and develop.  A fully mature adult has only 206 bones; the last bone to fuse is the collar bone happening in your mid 20’s.
• Being hypermobile can mean lots of different things, it is rarely a serious problem and can even be an advantage – for example learning how to use your mobility can be useful as cricket fast bowlers with extra movement in their elbows can bowl up to 5% quicker to those who don’t.
• Over 50% of a tennis serve power comes from your legs…so are you training your legs?!
• Getting better after an injury or problem doesn’t have to be boring, at Chews Health we work together to make it fun!


Don’t worry about the type of injury you have. From long term back and knee pains to a recent strain or sprain, our expertise and experience extends across all musculoskeletal complaints and problems.


With our fully-equipped Strength and Conditioning Suite just outside of Manchester, we’ll help you accomplish all of your goals – big or small. We’ll challenge and push you to become the best possible version of yourself.

Children’s Injury Service

At Chews Health we have a specialist clinic for the assessment and treatment of pain and injuries in children and teenagers aged 5-17.

Online Mentoring

Our passion for injury recovery extends to supporting and training other clinicians at all stages of their career. Get expert guidance through our online mentoring programme, from ad-hoc sessions to 6 month courses

Clinical Education

We help those struggling with injury, and we support professionals treating them. Our established and highly popular ‘The Physio Matters Podcast’ is revolutionising MSK education and transforming the healthcare industry.

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Get on the road to recovery and book your appointment with our expert Physiotherapists or Performance Coaches.



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