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Session 75 – Flippin Pain and Public Health Messaging with Felicity Thow, Richard Pell, Cormac Ryan and Lorimer Moseley

The Flippin’ Pain Initiative is a public health campaign run by Connect Health and is a project that aims to bring contemporary pain understanding to the Lincolnshire community.  In


Hypermobility Syndrome

What is hypermobility syndrome (HMS)? Being hypermobile means some or all of  your joints have an unusually large range of movement. This means you can move your limbs into


Session 74 – Pragmatic Pain Management with Derek Griffin and Felicity Thow

We are back in 2020 with a BANG. Felicity Thow, Listeners favourite interviewer speaks to Derek Griffin about pain management, the biopsychosocial model and more in a whirlwind podcast