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Session 16 – Biomechanics and Pain: The Ongoing Dilemma with Greg Lehman

Session 16 features an interview with Greg Lehman, a Canadian physiotherapist, chiropractor, kinesiologist and MSc Biomechanist who champions simplicity when applying biomechanical principles to patient management. Our clinical lead Jack Chew interviewed Greg following his day course hosted by Matt Phillips in Brighton last month and they chat over all things biomechanics, but with a particular focus on the common misconceptions encountered in clinical practice.

Greg is a very generous contributor to the CPD industry and his views can be found across a variety of media. Find him on Facebook under his name, on twitter @greglehman and on his website

As ever, we’d love to hear what you think of the episode, so please get in touch via social media or email with your feedback!

Podcast Timeline:

0:00-1:35  Intro

1:35-8:15  History of Greg Lehmann

– Chiropractic college vs. Physiotherapy college

8:15-14:00  If it treatments work, why care how they work?

– Inducing chronicity/fragility

– Skin-Fascia interfaces

14:00-15:45  How do you upset people?

15:45-22:50  Biomechanical assumptions

– Movement and Postural flaws

– Knee valgus

– Its an attractive concept, Biomechanics

22:50-25:30  Biomechanics questions Biomechanics

– Its confusing

25:30-27:15  Lets make Biomechanics simpler

27:15-32:20  Lumbar spine misconceptions

– Spinal stability

– Normal vs Optimal

– Abdominals activity

32:20-36:40  Case study 1: Rib shift correction

36:40-38:30  Biological Plausability

38:30-42:00  Symptom Modification

– Harder in the lower limb

– Flaw training

– Movement variation is normal

42:00-45:50  Measuring Biomechanical variables

45:50-47:00  Training tolerance rather than changing movement

47:00-48:30  Clinical value of Biomechanics research

48:30-54:10  Case study 2: Knee valgus in squat

– Desensitize the movement

– Give movement ‘options’

– Reload the sensitive movement

54:10-56:00  Movement screening

– Comprehensive capacity screen

56:00-59:30  ‘Poke the Bear’

– Tendonopathy training

– Adaptation through loading

59:30-1:02:00  Biomechanics still matters

1:02:00-1:06:10  Gregs plugs

– Free online resources

– Greg forgets his own course

1:06:10-1:07:40 Outro

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