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The Physio Matters Podcast is a feature of Chews Health’s third core value ‘We Educate’.

Episodes will feature expert, honest advice, delivered directly to listeners at no cost.

The Physio Matters Podcast content hopes to be clinical gold delivered direct.
Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine information for those working in physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports rehabilitation, medicine and all divisions of the healthcare industry

Session 17 – Building & maintaining an award winning MSK service with Paula Deacon

Session 17 features an interview with Paula Deacon, clinical lead of the Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic Medicine service (POMS), which sits within the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust. Paula and Jack discuss the inner workings of the service and reveal the features that have led to POMS being awarded multiple awards for care quality and innovation.

As per usual, no punches were pulled in this politically pertinent podcast; privatisation, NHS complacency, change aversion and the difficulties of evidence integration are all discussed in detail. If you live a commutable distance from Lichfield, you would be sensible to keep an eye out for POMS vacancies, if you don’t, then get this podcast flowing through the ears of your colleagues, managers and commissioners because Physio Matters and change can happen!

Twitter: @TPMPodcast @Chews_Health @Paulawoods5

Podcast Timeline:

00.00 – 01.27   Podcast intro + monthly review

– Jack’s blog and NAF podcast guest appearance

– Brad Neals response to session 16

01.27 – 02.38   Intro to session 17

02.38 – 03.54   Welcome Paula Deacon and biography

03.54 – 07.22   The key to a thriving MSK service

– Leading from within

– Developing stakeholder relationships

– Empowering staff and enabling a ‘can do’ culture

07.22 – 08.50    Care at the heart of al healthcare

– Allowing time for creativity and innovation

– A team approach and a voice for all

08.50 – 12.52    The intricate workings of POMS

– A combined MSK approach with an embedded physiotherapy team

– Selecting the right clinician for the right patient – triage guidelines

– A quality service needs a quality referral

12.52 – 16.25    How to determine staff progression and appropriate workloads

– Competency frameworks and self/peer assessments

– Developing a competent clinician – providing a flexible pathway

– Keeping a happy and healthy team going

17.45 – 21.19   Self-referral – is POMS missing a trick?

– One of many options

– An MSK issue is not always a physio issue

– Maintaining a quality approach to referrals

21.19 – 27.07    The clinical frontline – what makes POMS unique?

– Working across experiential boundaries to manage the patient journey

– Every patient gets what they need

– Evidence-informed practice and developing a clinical reasoning culture

27.07 – 32.26    Maintaining an innovative workforce

– Challenging staff to maintain service quality

– Organisational support for clinical leadership

– Internal support structures to promote behaviour change

– Interrogating the data to drive service development

32.26 – 38.26     CPD time – the value of training, education and peer support

– Fixed time for structured training and development

– Programming in time to think and flourish

– Adding value to POMS – investing in staff. “Grow your own”

38.26 – 43.10     Extended Scope Practitioner roles and frameworks

– Keeping the patient journey moving – integrating ESP/physio services

– Looking at things from a different angle – streamlining the journey

– Primary v Secondary care

43.10 – 45.39      Privatisation and the NHS – Pros & Cons

– Increasing our business savvy and justifying our value

– Private Sector – Selling sickness over self-management

45.39 – 49.50      Fending off the challenge of the private sector

– Maintaining a values-based clinical ethos across all settings

– Reputation, that’s what you need – constantly striving for better

– Embracing change and pushing boundaries

49.50 – 56.57      Staff-centred management

– Recruiting the right person – a values-based approach

– Peer involvement at the interview stage

– Shared values and vision – “leave your ego at the door”

56.57 – 1.02.45    A shining example, but is it getting the support it deserves?

– Spreading the word and sharing experience – keep shouting

– Flying the flag for clinical leadership

– Monitoring and scrutinising performance, quality and outcome

1.02.45 – 1.04.10   Summary and Acknowledgements

1.04.10 – 1.06.47   Jack’s thoughts on POMS experience. Signposting to show notes newsletter and sign off.

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