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Session 21 – Fathoming Fibromyalgia with Dr Bronnie Thompson

Session 21 introduces TPMP team member Rob Tyer to the interviewer microphone through which he chats to Dr Bronnie Thompson about all things fibromyalgia. Often seen as one of, if not the most difficult condition to treat or help to manage; fibromyalgia has proved to be quite the clinical conundrum for professional worldwide. Bronnie and Rob discuss the contemporary understanding of the condition, diagnostic criteria and of course a few myths and misconceptions!

Jack and Rob go on to reveal what treats we have in store for the rest of the year as well as announcing the disappointing news that Jack will still be conducting some future interviews…

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Podcast Timeline:

0:00-1:48 Intro

1:48-7:10  Intro to Bronnie and Fibromyalgia

– Does it exist?

– Associated symptoms

– ‘Label’

7:10-10:00         Are the many internet forums helpful for patients?

– Some value for some

– Can be a good place to wallow

10:00-17:00       Treatment vs. Management

– Current thoughts = more management

– Tricyclics worth a trial

– Find something that works

– Thoughts and beliefs as important as biology

17:00-22:20       Diagnosis and who makes it

– Moving away from tender points

– Are GPs open to Fibromyalgia

22:20-25:15       What would raise suspicion of Fibromyalgia?

– ‘my body hurts everywhere’

– pain in all four quadrants

– Fatigue and sleep issues

25:15-35:00       Exercise

– Normally there is a decrease in pain

– Fibromyalgia patients experience an increase

– Where is the ceiling?

– Is this the same for all Fibromyalgia patients

– Types of exercise

35:00-38:15       Is there a complacency within practice?

– Should we search for a cure?

– Shared decision making

38:15-42:50       Are we using EBM?

– Patients want to understand goals

– “What next? Now What?”

– Outcome measures

42:50-46:30       Is it a benefit to relate to patients?

– Experience

– Offer choices

46:30-49:00       Should we discharge these patients?

– Ideal is people self-manage

– Reality is different

49:00-51:10       Pete Moore’s pain toolkit

– Building a support network

51:10-54:00       Is there a role adopted?

54:00-58:40       Bronnie predicts the future

– Pain therapists

– Interdisciplinary models

58:40-59:40       More about Bronnie

59:40-64:00       Outro

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