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The Physio Matters Podcast is a feature of Chews Health’s third core value ‘We Educate’.

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Session 30 – TPMP meets The CSP with Karen Middleton

A long awaited chat between Karen Middleton, Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Jack Chew, Chief Clown of The Physio Matters Podcast hits the airwaves. We’ve regularly pushed our luck when trying to keep our podcasts around the magic ‘hour’ mark. For this one, we’ve failed miserably! Jack and Karen discuss, debate, agree, disagree, converge and even argue over some of the most important issues in Physiotherapy for over two hours!

Is the CSP’s current framework a web of bureaucracy? Is there a conflict between the CSP as a trade union and the CSP as a professional body? Is the profession ready for true open access? Do we compromise accountability by championing autonomy? Does the profession need reform and how if so?


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