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Session 31 – Pain: Past, Present and Future – Part 1 with Mick Thacker

Mick Thacker hasn’t just lived the ‘Physio, pain revolution’ he’s been one of the driving forces behind it. It’s a great honour that Mick would take the time to talk all things pain with us for session 31 of TPMP! Mick and Jack chatted for over two hours (no surprise) and every second was gold. So we’ve split the chat into two parts, one out now (03/07/16) and part two will be out 04/09/16 as our September edition to leave space for our exciting ‘Olympic Special’ with Paul Westwood and Joel Filliol of JFT Racing Triathlon team.

In part one, Jack and Mick delve into ‘Pain past’ and blur the lines between what people would perceive to be pain past and what they consider to be ‘pain present! If you have any unanswered questions that you hope are elaborated in part 2 then please speak up on social media and we’ll try to shoe-horn them in if Jack and Mick haven’t talked it out already.
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