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Session 40 – Ankle Instability – Is It Ever ‘Only A Sprain’? with Eamonn Delahunt

This month’s TPMP is all about wobbly ankles! We’ve wanted to discuss ankle instability for a while, especially since Jack and Rob’s chat with Sallie Lamb briefly covered acute ankle sprains back at the end of 2015. So to our delight, TPMP Student Group member Eoin Cunniffe nudged us in the direction of the brilliant Eamonn Delahunt who has worked on the international consensus documents for ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability.

Jack and Eamonn discuss the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and longer term management of ankle sprains over a 90 minute podcast. The main spectrum being explored here is between ‘It’s only a sprain’ and ‘I’ve got an inherent, untrainable sore ankle’. Of course we think the answer is most often in the middle, so we talk it out! Physio Natters returns next week and keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for loads more content in the coming weeks including Jack’s new ‘Chewing It Over’ show!

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