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Session 9 – Psychological interventions in Physiotherapy with Dr Richard Bennett and The MACP

Session 9 features an interview with Dr Richard Bennett and is the first of three commissioned podcasts by the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP). The interview is centred around how physiotherapists can best understand and integrate appropriate psychological interventions, namely motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Podcast timeline:

00:00 – 02:08 | Podcast introduction – Logical evolution with the MACP

02:08 – 03:45 | Introducing Dr Richard Bennett

03:45 – 06:32 | The role of psychological interventions in physiotherapy
– What’s the relevance to physiotherapy practice?
– Addressing a need, a knowledge gap and barriers to patient recovery.

06:32 – 10:38 | Growing recognition of the efficacy of psychology in physiotherapy
– A relatively slow burner.
– A turf war or basis for developing health professionals?

10:38 – 5:40 | The muddy swamp of psychology
– CBT, MI, NLP – where to start?
– Forget the model, just show me the evidence!

15:40 – 18:04 | “But it’s my back/neck/shoulder……..not my brain”
– Helping patients understand the place for psychology in their treatment.
– Embracing a different perspective…or not!

18:04 – 20:46 | Harry Potter and the lack of a plausible explanation
– Cognitive and behavioural predictors of low back pain disability.
– Psychological factors as part of a treatment solution.

20:46 – 30:24 | Motivational Interviewing
– A basis for exploring readiness for behavioural change – knowing when and who to pitch to.
– MI as a pre-CBT intervention – finding base camp.

30:24 – 42:03 | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
– Influencing behavioural change – Pavlov’s dog.
– Cognitive theory – the ‘ABC’ model and changing thinking.

42:03 – 48:27 | The 3rd wave – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
– Encouraging awareness and acceptance of difficult thoughts – a changing relationship.
– ACT as a treatment for chronic pain – a broadening evidence base.

48:27 – 48:27 | Suffering and distress – an unpleasant human norm
– The role of maladaptive cognition and language.
– Learning to understand your enemy and shift your focus.

52:45 – 58:19 | Roadblocks in the rehabilitation journey
– Developing Socratic thinking – the ‘expert’ patient.
– Talking therapies – addressing the big pink fluffy complex elephant in the room?

58:19 – 1:00:18 | The changing tide of physical healthcare – a slow burner

1:00:18 – 1:02:53 | Signposting to further research, learning resources and CPD courses

1:02:53 – 1:05:37 | Show notes and newsletter signposting, closing thoughts and outro

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