What’s the best training program for beginners? Is it 5×5 strength, should you build endurance first by doing higher reps? Focus on the compound movements? Each body part once a week?

The answer is: any!

As long as you enjoy it, and put in effort into each session, that’s the most important thing! If you are dreading going to the gym because you really don’t like your program it doesn’t matter how well designed it is, if it’s not enjoyable it won’t be sustainable.

Linear periodisation (improving weights week by week) isn’t essential for a complete beginner, the stimulus of going from not training to training is good enough to see some great results! Sure you’ll need to start tracking the weight increases after you get into the swing of things, but to begin with just focus on going and enjoying training! 

Learning proper technique, having a specific goal and having adequate rest alongside training with intensity is vital for a successful fitness lifestyle.

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