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We take pride in masterminding the recovery of people with a wide variety of injuries and conditions. Our aim is always to keep you doing what you love to do, whether that’s high-performance sport or chasing the kids round the garden; high-intensity fitness classes or 18 holes of golf, we want to help everyone be the best they possibly can be. So no matter what the injury is or how long you’ve had it, whether it’s a longstanding back or knee pain or a recent strain or sprain, Chews Health has a full range of services to get you back to full fitness and performing at your best.
Chews Health is an independent healthcare company with an industry-leading reputation for delivering clinically excellent physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. We initially forged our reputation as second-opinion specialists by taking on the complex cases that other professionals had struggled to help. Not only did this open our eyes to why many approaches fail, but we soon learned how harmful poor healthcare advice can be. We set up our clinic to ensure that these mistakes aren’t repeated.


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Keeping you doing whatever it is you love to do


After many years of searching for the right premises we have finally found a home

We have long pulled our hair out at the frequently limited and ineffective solutions offered by the healthcare industry but found ourselves even more frustrated when the only emerging alternatives to mindlessly prescribed sheets of exercise moved towards short sighted interventions and pandering for profit. Our brand-new headquarters gives us the space and facilities we need to do things differently and gives us the the perfect combination of private consultation space and full gym access to truly challenge even the most mysterious of injuries.



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Helping you to be the best you possibly can be

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