We love to mastermind the recovery of patients and athletes whilst keeping them active and completing the activities they love. When the pressure is on, events are approaching, and things aren’t going to plan, what do you do? Scan? Refer? Inject? Persevere? Read? Cry? How about you just ask us?
We are also heavily involved in developing the knowledge and skills of other healthcare professionals through innovative educational platforms such as podcasts and evidence-based seminar series. Chews Health carries the name of co-founder and original clinical lead, Jack Chew, whose ethos the company and its’ Consultants stand by.


Why might you need Chews Health in your life?

We like getting people better, at getting people better


From a consultancy company, through podcasts, to specialist clinics and beyond…

We have long pulled our hair out at the frequently limited and ineffective solutions offered by the healthcare industry but found ourselves even more frustrated when the only emerging alternatives to mindlessly prescribed sheets of exercise moved towards pseudoscience, short sighted interventions and pandering for profit. What does Chews Health do differently? We give honest, expert advice based on thorough assessments and create versatile treatment plans that work. There’s no guesswork. No fluff. No over-treatment. No time-wasting. And definitely no profiteering. (Yep, we wish that it wasn’t ‘different’ too…)

Our aim is to keep people doing what they love to do, whether that’s high-performance sport, 18 holes of golf, high-intensity fitness classes or just chasing kids round the garden, we want to help people be the best they possibly can be. So whether you’re a patient within travelling distance of our clinics; a personal trainer striving to keep your client active; a therapist or patient in need of an onsite 2nd opinion; or a doctor looking for specialist MSK education; Chews Health has a unique network with bespoke services to suit your needs.


Benefits Of Working with CH

– Unparalleled inter-professional reputation –
– Proudly collaborative: We love to work with PTs & other therapists to optimise your potential –
– You visit us or we visit you! We’re happy to consult at all gyms and sports facilities –
– We have a proven commitment to industry reform –
– Consultation report & proposed treatment plan for referrer and patient at every consultation –


Online Mentoring



Helping you to find clarity while the industry invents more clouds


For 2 years we’ve asked ‘Where and when do you want us?’ but now we’re too busy not to centralise some clinics!


Contact Us

To discuss a case simply call, email or post to the details listed below.
Altrincham Clinic Opening Times: 
Mon: 1pm-6pm. Tues: 6pm-10pm. Thurs: 6pm-10pm. Fri: 1pm-6pm
Pentney Clinic Opening Times: 
Wed: 9.30am-1.30pm. Thurs: 6.30pm-8.30pm.
For free clinical education in line with our company values listen and subscribe to The Physio Matters Podcast on iTunes and keep up to date with us on twitter @Chews_Health & @TPMPodcast

Contact Us

Address: Chews Health HQ, Orchard Place, Timperley, WA15 7UR

Phone: 0161 8717391