Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Version Date: October 2022

Our goal is to provide quality care and rehabilitation to all our patients in a timely manner. No-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations inconvenience not only our clinicians, but our other patients as well. Please be aware of our policy regarding missed appointments as detailed below.

Appointment Cancellation
When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other patients. In order to be respectful of your fellow patients, please call or email Chews Health as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment.

If cancellation or reschedule is necessary, we require that you call at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another patient access to that appointment time.

How to Cancel Your Appointment
If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us at 0161 8717391. If necessary, you may leave a detailed voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively, please email

Late Cancellations/No-Shows
A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointed time. A no-show is when a patient misses an appointment without cancelling.

Patients are expected to pre-pay in full the fee for their upcoming appointment. Bookings are only secured once payment has been received.
Appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded.

Our Policy:
If you are more than 15 minutes late for your service, we may not be able to accommodate you. In this case, the same cancellation fee will apply. We will do our very best to reschedule your service for another time that is convenient to you.

In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency, all or part of your cancellation fee may be applied to future services.

We aim to contact all our new patients before their initial appointment to reduce the likelihood of wasted time and costs incurred, but this is not possible for all of our follow up slots