We are happy to treat patients of all ages. Recently Jack worked with Toby to get him back to full fitness. Here’s what Toby’s mum had to say: “Jack was brilliant with my shy 13 year old son gaining a great rapport very quickly with him. He adapted what he did once he understood what


I injured my lower back in the gym in September last year and knew I needed to see a physio straight away. I could hardly bend over or sit down. I didn’t know about Chews Health and work sorted me out with another physio. After 3 months of conservative treatment, I felt that I wasn’t


I bit the bullet and booked an appointment with Chews after the pain in my shoulder had got so bad it was keeping me up at night. I was convinced no one could help and I was wrong. I had been suffering with a sore shoulder for approximately 2 years, and in recent times since


I am hugely grateful to Jack for the progress I have made at Chews Health. I have been surprised at how quickly I have not only regained and built physical strength, but also confidence and agility through a range of movements. I am less anxious, more comfortable in my body, and getting so much more


I had a long standing foot injury and was in a lot of pain & unable to play football as a result. After 6/7 months of “resting it” I still had no improvement. I finally decided to go and seek professional help. I phoned numerous different physios in the local area, none of which offered


I booked an appointment with Chews Health after suffering with a back problem for some time. I attend the gym in the same building and had heard great things. I worked with Jack, who diagnosed the problem quickly and helped me to understand it better; it wasn’t even my back as such! We worked within


As an amateur rugby player I was injured in a game at the back end of the regular season. I’d managed to find myself trapped at the bottom of a pile of bodies (not uncommon in this sport) but I was kneeling on my left knee with my right leg out stretched, at which point a


I had been having ongoing issues with my lower calf for around 6 months. I had been to see a different Physio but never felt like it was quite right, even after numerous trips. From my initial contact, it has been a great experience with Chews Health. It is a nice practice and Mark was


One Saturday and one wrong movement and I had a wry neck. Being a physiotherapist myself, I thought that I would be able to get it under control myself with pain killers and anti-spasm medication. However, instead of decreasing pain and mobility, my neck stiffened up within one day entirely. I was unable to move


After abdominal surgery and 2 months off work, I was nervous to start exercising again. I made an appointment with Chews Health as a friend had recommended them and I’m so glad I did! Honestly, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Mark took the time to go through the assessment and suggestions step by step