Helping you be the best you possibly can be

We have long pulled our hair out at the frequently limited and ineffective solutions offered by the healthcare industry but found ourselves even more frustrated when the only emerging alternatives to mindlessly prescribed sheets of exercise moved towards short sighted interventions and pandering for profit.

From our brand-new clinic in Timperley, Altrincham we offer all the usual physiotherapy services other clinics do, just delivered a little differently. What is it that we do differently? Well, simply put – we have expert clinicians, giving honest advice, based on thorough assessments while creating versatile treatment plans that work to keep you performing at your best. There’s no guesswork. No fluff. No over-treatment. No time-wasting. And definitely no profiteering. (Yup, we wish that it wasn’t ‘different’ too…)

To book an appointment with one of our expert clinicians use the booking form below or call us now on 0161 871 7391