Childrens Physiotherapy

At Chews Health we have a specialist children’s physio service for the assessment and treatment of pain and injuries in children and teenagers aged 5-17. This service runs under the care of Richard Saxton and follows the Chews Health ethos of enabling a full recovery whether that’s getting back to being comfortable at school or to competing at a high level in sport.

Who We Treat

When it comes to pain and injury, children are not just ‘little adults’. We assess and treat all children and teenagers who develop aches and pains that are affecting their ability to live life to their fullest.

Whether that is neck pain at school, back pain playing cricket or a random swollen knee what doesn’t seem to make sense, our Children’s Injury Service will get you honest answers and a clear plan of action.

What We Treat

  • Sports injuries
  • Persistent pain
  • Rheumatological conditions
  • Growing pains
  • Second opinion cases


Get a specialist opinion on your issue
Thorough assessment and diagnosis
Personalised treatment and management plan
Parent, coach, club and school liaison as appropriate
Get back to what you love as quickly as possible

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Client Stories

Jack was brilliant with my shy 13 year old son gaining a great rapport very quickly with him. He adapted what he did once he understood what my son needed. He loved his sessions with Jack and Jack was honest about the number of sessions required and what reasonable targets were...

I couldn’t believe how different physios had given me such different outlooks and won’t be going anywhere else now. In fact, I tweaked my back again in September this year and went back to Jack immediately to get assessed. Chews Health has a fantastic set up with great gym equipment and a wonderful team. I highly recommend them to everyone. I can’t thank them enough...

Now I have the right diagnosis for my shoulder, I understand how to work it, strengthen it and support it thanks to Mark. I’m kicking myself for living with the pain for so long, getting the right support fixed it in no time at all! I love lifting and so thankful that I sought the advice and didn’t do any further damage! Thank you!...

I am hugely grateful to Jack for the progress I have made at Chews Health. I have been surprised at how quickly I have not only regained and built physical strength, but also confidence and agility through a range of movements. I am less anxious, more comfortable in my body, and getting so much more out of my personal exercise regime...

After only a few sessions I’m moving better and have a much broader understanding of the issue and how to help myself when it flares up. Thank you so much for your help and guidance...

Chews Health were fantastic.  In a normal scenario I would have managed with pain killers, possibly gone to the doctors if it persisted and played a lot sooner than I was ready to.  I would have carried this injury into the end of season tournament and more than likely missed some game time possibly hurting it more, however,  with the help of Mark and Chews I was back playing within 5 weeks...

From my initial contact, it has been a great experience with Chews Health. It is a nice practice and Mark was really thorough at each of my appointments. He spent a long time understanding the symptoms and assessing the actual issue.  I was worried it could have been my running gait, amongst other things.  After both of my treatments I was a lot more confident that it would be sorted...

Based on a recommendation, I contacted Chews Health and got an appointment directly on the bank holiday Monday. My husband drove me from Liverpool to Manchester and on my way I was in agony with every little movement of the car and I started thinking that physiotherapy might just cause me more pain. However, Mark immediately understood my problems and applied gentle but massively effective techniques. Within 45 minutes treatment I regained almost my entire range of rotation, which really impressed me...

After abdominal surgery and 2 months off work, I was nervous to start exercising again. I made an appointment with Chews Health as a friend had recommended them and I’m so glad I did! Honestly, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

What To expect

Our Children’s Physiotherapy Service is led by Richard Saxton who oversees referrals and bookings into clinic. Expect a thorough assessment including history taking, clinical examination (on the couch and in the gym) as well as any relevant scan reviews.

We also evaluate any training and competition data where appropriate therefore please bring along any written strength and conditioning plans or wearable technology data which will be integrated into your assessment. 
Treatment and management plans are individually tailored to your specific needs with your therapist detailing the frequency and style of care at regular intervals.


Ready to find out how our experts can help you? Have a specific question for our team? Give us a call on 0161 871 7391, or email us at otherwise click below to book an appointment online with us right away.

Kid’s Physio Pricing

Our price is listed below and you can book directly using our online booking system. For any queries or further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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