Steroid Abuse

It’s disappointing but unsurprising to read this on BBC Health today: ‘The fertility paradox in male beauty quest’ 😔

The article speaks for itself regarding the fertility consequences of steroid abuse but what it doesn’t say is that this is just one of several little-known issues associated with the drug. 💉

The most common problem related to anabolic steroid use we encounter as Physios is the relative weakness of tendons and their attachment sites. As the muscles increase in mass and power at an artificially enhanced rate, the tendons (between the muscle and the bone) and the bone itself, struggle to adapt at this rate. 💪

Whilst still relatively rare, it is unfortunately inevitable that on some occasions, if this force tolerance imbalance exists, one exercise too many can lead to a tendon rupture or avulsion fracture where a tendon pulls away from its bony attachment. 💥🦴

So in summary: Empty balls and broken bones. 🤷‍♂️

Is it worth it fellas? 🤦‍♀️